"It's not like I'm the best boy or anything.... Baka!!"
The boy ( ZA 男子, Za Shounen ) Is a Boy in the Boynime. He's the sixth boy to appear in the opening, and one of the central characters of the Boynime Franchise. He aspires to be the best boy, but he isn't apt with sharing this with the other boys.

Character Overview Edit

The boy is a peculiar character. His anime trope, as all the boys have one, is Tsundere, thus causing him to be prone to shouting "Baka!" at any given interval. As well as being a tsundere, he also takes part in rituals such as dabbing, whipping, wearing only nike brand, and other miscellaneous stereotypically "white boy" things. Although he is a twelve year old middle school child at heart, The Boy is actually 17 years old.

Appearance Edit

The Boy usually wears a red long sleeved shirt scrunched up at his elbows, with black jeans and black vans. He purposely wears black vans, because he was emotionally scarred when someone called out his white vans. He's got them big ol' anime eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • The boy is one of the only boys to have a name without an adjective in it, the other boys being Infinite boy and Nightcore boy,
  • The boy has been revealed to be deathly afraid of geese.
  • He's allergic to gatorades of all kinds. When consumed, he acts very much unlike himself, to say the least.
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