"Hey guys i'm long boy and i hope we can all get along"
The longest boy. Is a very nice boy who wishes the best for the Boys. Long Boy would be an old boy if not for being a Boy, but keeps his habits and mannerisms from the Good Ol Days. Is good friends with Sticky Boy. Still attends raves. He is a big fan of the show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and anything else Guy Fieri related.

Appearance Edit

His physical appearance is generally long. Has slightly long (medium) length dark hair that goes to his neck, which is a tad messy and sticks out. Wears a light gray shoulder padded coat with a few pins on the coat; it is the longest article of clothing he wears, and he trips over it often. Underneath is a dark striped button up which is buttoned to the collar but is not as long as his long neck. Wears leather pants or trousers or smth and some boots. Still wears eye makeup. Either has a chipper smile, or a long face. No one knows why his expression is like that.

Personality Edit

Took an internet quiz once and got Neutral Evil. He's unsure why. Willing to take risks and make sacrifices for the boys. Once tried to recruit George Michael of Wham to become a Boy but never really explains what happened. Has bad hearing and misinterprets a lot of things, like going to The Beach.

Trivia Edit

  • Is secretly a fan of anime music, such as Mali Love Life, and Vocaloid. Moe Moe kyun
  • Constantly ingests glow stick fluid and battery acid, in which he sometimes glows in the dark as a result.
  • No one really knows where he came from.
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