Good Boy is a side character of the Boys

Appearance Edit

Good Boy has brown hair, a pair of bunny ears and wears a t-shirt with the image of "I (heart) carrots" as a reference to an I (heart) NY shirt on it. Good Boy also has a cottontail. He is also carrying a carrot at all times. His appearance is inspired by Bad Boy except Good Boy is basically the opposite of Bad Boy.

Episode 3 Edit

At the 5:06 mark in episode 3 of The Boys Fanime, The Boys are in the mall shopping for small boy due to his lack of clothes. While most of the boys split-up to go shopping, Good boy can be seen walking away second left in the group of 5 boys when all of a sudden the boy on Good Boy's left weilding a sword pushes Good Boy into the boy on Good Boy's right, who resembles a light blue Furby, knocking the Furby like boy over wile Good Boy remains still on his feet, carrot still in hand.

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