"silly swexy boy, you cant kill me, i vape". - Bad Boy to Swexy Boy in THE BOYS FANIME Episode 2

Bad Boy is a main protagonist and antagonist of the The Boys

Personality and Traits Edit

Bad Boy is a very cocky boy, always trying to prove himself and make the other boys like him. He is constantly ignored because of his over the top actions. Since he is a furry himself, he tends to like characters like Fox McCloud, Tony the Tiger, Falco Lombardi, and Lucario. He also doesn't like to be kinkshamed, since it causes him to go into his "Furry Rage" mode, where he only shows poorly drawn pictures of furries and trying to convince others to become a furry as well. kjhasdkjfjhfffffffgjhgjgbchbhjasdghdfcbhbsBhjbsfabgghbhjgsdfhbscvahgbghdghabhgfdaghkdghcvhc xhgvhdgasbvhgasdgasdghkbcsghbghsdbvghvsdhgsdbvgbghghsdfghbsdf ghbdfskfs

Appearance Edit

Bad Boy has orange hair, a pair of fox ears, wears a scarf and wears a jacket, which Medium Boy took before the events of The Boys. He also has a Kakyoin tattoo on his chest, which he proudly shows off. Bad Boy also has a tail, but that doesn't really matter, right?

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